MADE IN Origin Story

MADE IN was conceived in 2014 by Croatian Art and Design Collective Oaza as a social design project Made in Ilica / Old School Ilica—a reaction to the process of the disappearance of small crafts and manufacturing workshops from the City Centre of Zagreb.

Old School Ilica is a collaborative, local craft production initiative that deals with processes that led to changes in Zagreb urban tissue since the early ’90s and investigates the impacts of bottom-up strategies on the economy of one of its most central streets. The project proposes a model for self-sustainable development of the local community by means of social design, through collaboration, knowledge sharing and co-creation of craftspeople, designers and citizens. The model is based on belief in the ability of social relations and reflects the ideas of hyperlocalism, criticality and orientation towards the local community.

Made in Ilica / Old School Ilica started within the nanotourism initiative during 24th Biennial of Design (BIO 50) by Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO), Slovenia and later manifested through public actions, exhibitions & events. The research part of the project ended in 2017 with Registry of Knowledge Holders - an anthropological design study of the production life of Ilica street, focusing on small shops and craftspeople. 

Project Ilica is now an internationally recognised and multi-award winning initiative. E.g. it was selected at last year’s Oslo Architecture Triennial for its “co-creation model where knowledge and skills are exchanged between craftspeople, designers and local residents”, showing “that we can collectively act to challenge the standard model of chain shops and support local craftsmanship, contributing to the diversity and authenticity of urban life.”

The project, including its rich intersections around the topics of mapping and archiving the local crafts and the position and relationship between design and crafts in contemporary society, led towards partnership between six organisations belonging to the similar geographical, historical, cultural and social context (AT, HR, SI, RS) and towards the formation of MADE IN platform in 2019.

MADE IN wins the European Heritage Award / Europa Nostra Award 2023

MADE IN: Crafts and Design Narratives is the recipient of the European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards 2023 by the European Commission and Europa Nostra in the category Education, Training & Skills. The project, which spanned two years from 2018 to 2021, was originally conceived by OAZA Art Organisation and involved six organizations from four countries.

MADE IN DIALOGUES - Crafting the Future

Conference│Friday, 31 Mar 2023, 9.00 -17.00│Japanisches Palais, Dresden & Livestream

The conference organised by State Art Collections Dresden, Museum of Decorative Arts (SKD) is the kick-off event of the Europe-wide MADE IN Platform for Contemporary Crafts & Design. The participating partners will along with international experts from the fields of crafts, design and research discuss the future of crafts as an instrument for social and ecological change as well as manners of passing the knowledge of craftsmanship and heritage to future generations.

Made in Platform for Contemporary Crafts & Design

February 2023 – October 2025

Made in Platform for Contemporary Crafts & Design is a research, design, and heritage initiative encouraging collaboration and knowledge exchange between traditional craftspeople and contemporary designers, as well as other experts in the fields of culture and science. Representing the direct continuation of MADE IN: Crafts–Design Narratives, we are now extending our reach geographically, with 10 partners from 6 countries, and in terms of our goals and mission.

MADE IN: Crafts — Design Narratives Travelling Exhibition opening in Zagreb

17/2/2020 — 8/3/2020

The premiere of the Crafts — Design Narratives Travelling Exhibition is scheduled on the 17th February 2020 at 8 p.m. in the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb. The exhibition opening will be followed by Dialogues discursive program with project curators and participants on the 18th February, at 7 p.m. at the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb. Exhibition is organized by the Museum of Arts and Crafts and OAZA Art and Design Collective.

MADE IN Seminar: Design&Crafts on Display #3

30 – 31/5/2019

The third MADE IN Seminar will take place in the scenic Alpine setting of Bregenzerwald. Werkraum Bregenzerwald – a collaborative of around 100 regional craft and trade companies – will host the partners and invited guests for a two day experience in the Werkraumhaus and its surrounding workshops. Designed by Swiss architect Peter Zumthor the building serves as a showcase and community centre of the regional craftspeople. The seminar will discuss modes and places to display contemporary crafts and design.