MADE IN Conference: Design & Crafts in Dialogue #1

Nova iskra is announcing kick-off conference on October 25th in Belgrade, titled "Design & Craft in Dialogue". The project will explore relationships between contemporary design/art and traditional crafts, while the conference will feature talks and other activities by designers, scholars, entrepreneurs, artists and organizations from Sweden, UK, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Germany and Slovenia.

The notion of the handmade has shifted from the margins to take centre stage. Craft’s value is increasingly recognised across creative, economic, social, cultural and political contexts. Amidst dissolving disciplinary boundaries and the widespread appropriation of craft, its meaning is changing. While its claims to values such as authenticity and anti-consumerism are in question, craft could potentially take on new value in the future of manufacturing.

On Thursday, October 25th from 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM, Nova Iskra will host the kick-off conference of the project at SPRAT venue in Belgrade (Cetinjska 15). Detailed schedule and more info about the project can be viewed at the following link

The rich, international program will include opening keynotes from the distinguished scholar and professor Alex Coles (University of Huddersfield, UK) and Ivana Fabrio (School of Design, Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb), followed by presentation from designers and artists such as Emelie Röndhal (SE), Sanja Rotter (HR) and Marija Đorđević (Naša posla, RS).

Several flagship projects dealing with researching and building upon the craft heritage from a design standpoint will be presented: SPOK by Form/Design Center from Malmö will be presented by Anna Gudmundsdottir (SE); activities of Werkraum Bregenzerwald will be presented by its director Thomas Geisler (AT), former Head of Design at MAK in Vienna and co-founder of the Vienna Design Week; acclaimed curator of BIO Design Biennial from Ljubljana Maja Vardjan (SI) will present Hidden Crafts; while Oaza (HR) will talk about Made In Ilica, the initial seed from which this international collaboration has sprung. Building successfull bridges between the two domains will also be showcased by several local brands and niche retailers aiming to bring new values to the market, such as NITI Kilims, Makadam and Folkk, all hailing from Serbia.

The conference space will be enriched by a presentation of the artistic project Belgrade, Work of Thy Hands by the German artist Franziska Wicke, depicting portraits of Belgrade artisans whose crafts are slowly but surely dying out, who are all photographed within their workshops, accompanied by their unique stories.

MADE IN is a research, design and heritage initiative encouraging collaboration and knowledge exchange between traditional craftsmen and contemporary designers. The aim of the project is to revitalize crafts tradition and educate designers about material and immaterial heritage, thus creating new, authentic and more sustainable face of contemporary design. The MADE IN project aims to promote European craft heritage and innovative contemporary design to general public. The goal of the project is to establish knowledge exchange platforms, constructive dialogue, and ultimately, new collaborative practices between craftsmen and designers.

It aims to accomplish this goal through numerous activities, such as mapping research conducted in all partnering countries, several conferences and expert seminars, design residencies, workshops, publications and a final exhibition, as well as the development of an online portal, an inventory of knowledge holders of sorts. MADE IN emerged from the heightened awareness of the crucial role that traditional crafts and manufactories play in creating and sustaining local and European identity.

MADE IN Crafts and Design Narratives is a two-year project co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the EU. The project is led by Museum of Arts and Crafts - MUO (Croatia), and involves distinguished partners with extensive experience in the field: Werkraum Bregenzerwald (Austria), Museum of Architecture and Design - MAO (Slovenia), Oaza Collective (Croatia) and Nova Iskra and Mikser (Serbia). 

MADE IN: Crafts — Design Narratives Travelling Exhibition opening in Zagreb

17/2/2020 — 8/3/2020

The premiere of the Crafts — Design Narratives Travelling Exhibition is scheduled on the 17th February 2020 at 8 p.m. in the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb. The exhibition opening will be followed by Dialogues discursive program with project curators and participants on the 18th February, at 7 p.m. at the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb. Exhibition is organized by the Museum of Arts and Crafts and OAZA Art and Design Collective.

MADE IN Seminar: Design&Crafts on Display #3

30 – 31/5/2019

The third MADE IN Seminar will take place in the scenic Alpine setting of Bregenzerwald. Werkraum Bregenzerwald – a collaborative of around 100 regional craft and trade companies – will host the partners and invited guests for a two day experience in the Werkraumhaus and its surrounding workshops. Designed by Swiss architect Peter Zumthor the building serves as a showcase and community centre of the regional craftspeople. The seminar will discuss modes and places to display contemporary crafts and design. 

MADE IN Workshop: Crafting, Cleaning & Caring with Rianne Makkink

26/5/2019 – 31/5/2019

Crafted objects and items gain beauty over time simply by using them. Repairing and maintaining them add layers of patina. A long lasting relation between the object and the subject. The workshop Crafting, Cleaning & Caring by Dutch designer Rianne Makkink and partner of Studio Makkink & Bey will explore the materiality and immateriality of this relation. In collaboration with local craftspeople, producers and makers the participants will work with traditional techniques and experimentation.

MADE IN Open Call: SUPERLOCAL Crafting the Everyday workshop


We invite all interested design professionals and students of design, visual arts, architecture, new media and related disciplines, to apply for participation in the Crafts—Design Workshop SUPERLOCAL Crafting the Everyday in Zagreb. Participants will take part in designing and making process in collaboration with local craftspeople, producers and makers. 


MADE IN Seminar: Design & Crafts in Dialogue #2


Second in a row of Seminars, followed by the International lecture series titled Design & Crafts in Dialogue #2, and organized by OAZA, will take place in Zagreb on the January 31st, 2019. Seminars are part of the two-year long international project MADE IN / Crafts–Design Narratives. While MADE IN / Crafts–Design Narratives project explores the relationship between crafts and design in general, the Dialogue#2 series will open up topics and feature talks about the new models of collaboration, curation and production of crafts and design.